novela de vale
This tumblr is dedicated to my favourite telenovelas, mostly rebelde way, rebelde, casi angeles and their actors and actresses.
Edits and gifs were made by me so reblog and not repost them. Thanks! ^^
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coffeeatsunday whispered:hello, can you make francisco's gifs for me? (francisco blanco:D)

I’ll see what I can do ^^

Anonymous whispered:Hey could you make more gifs of rebelde way with english subs, please? There are so many videos on youtube that already have subs that you could use! Thank you anyway!

actually, there are not so many, maybe 18 episode and some random scenes. but if you have favourite parts just tell me and I will make you some ^^

Anonymous whispered:Sol Rivarola gifs?

Sure, gonna make some for you. ^^

Anonymous whispered:Faz emoticons da Mía para MSN? 72x72 PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE

I’m gonna do some new Mia gifs and post some MSN ones with them ^^