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This tumblr is dedicated to my favourite telenovelas, mostly rebelde way, rebelde, casi angeles and their actors and actresses.
Edits and gifs were made by me so reblog and not repost them. Thanks! ^^

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Anonymous whispered:
i'm just really happy that cami and benja are still very good friends! as for lu and feli i hope that one day this video will not make it awkward between them and they will be good friends! just wondering what are your favourite rw couples? and do you know if any other cast members had a romantic relationship in real life at some point?

I think they’re all still friends at some form. ^^
I hate rumors so I don’t really read a lot of them so I don’t know a lot about the others. Probably there were some other relationships but I’m not sure. I read somewhere that Vico and Piru were together as well at some point. I know that some of the cast members are still great friends. Coco and Mica is still close friends, some of them were at Vico’s wedding, and I love how Ángeles named his kid Benjamin. ^^  Also the cast members had a lot of other project together.

As for my favourite couples, I think it’s pretty clear but  Mia and Manu is my absolute fav. I loved Marizza and Pablo (of course) ^^ then Vico/ Rocco and Pilar/Tomas couples are forever one of the best in my book. ^^

Anonymous whispered:
i'm just obsessed with the rebelde way couples! i had heard that cami and benja were actually together at the time but i'm not sure! do you know if this is true because there are videos and pics that prove the relationship between feli and lu but not so many about benja and cami. can you give any information as to what went down between them? p.s. i adore your blog i'm always waiting for updates. i feel like i found a friend who shares my love for rw! sorry for bothering you love! :)

First of all, thank you so much and I’m glad you like my blog. I’ll try to post more. ^^

About Cami and Benja, there are not many informations about them. I read different things as well; one says they got together in their Chiquititas days and the relationship ended in 2004, others says it started in 2002 and ended before the second season, so it’s pretty messy. So, answering to your question, yes it is true that they were together. ^^ Only the time is unknown.

About Lu and Feli, well it ended kind of ugly with that stupid video and all, but I guess that was not really the reason. Anyway, both of them have beautiful families and I’m really happy for them. ^^ 

its-jupiter-mikel whispered:
HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Rway it's one of my favorite tv series! Your tumblr iT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ON THE WORLD. I'm from Argentina (erreway's nation) and I visit your tumblr ALL DAY, make me feel really good, thanks<3

Awwww, thank you and you’re welcome ^^
It’s so awesome to see so many people still love RW after all these years. 

Anonymous whispered:
i just want talk to you all day about rebelde way! i'm currently rewatching it and i'm so overwhelmed with feelings! you know what never happened that should have? the friendship between pilar and marizza! they're my two faves and i would love them as besties! they did grow closer in the second season though so i shouldn't be complaining! :P sorry for the huge message :)

Oh don’t worry, feel free to talk to me anytime. ^^

That would have been great. I felt so conflicted about Pilar in the first season because she was mean but then she was the principal’s daughter so no one really wanted to be her friend. On the other hand, I absolutely loved her with Tomás, they were adorable. Marizza and her  really grow closer but I think Marizza had her family drama to deal with so she probably had no time for anything else.

Btw, I love how in most of Cris’s dramas, the ones who look the best together will end up together somehow. (Let’s not talk about Rameria, I’ll never get over it. There is no such thing as season 4.)

Anonymous whispered:
i'm so glad you're back to making gifs! i love this show so much but unfortunately most people have forgotten abou it! i adore your blog!!! <3

Thank you and shame on me for not posting more stuff but I have 7 tumblr and I never know which one I should update. ^^
I think a lot of people will love rebelde way forever (If I count all my followers in, 1504 for sure), they just don’t make gifs and edits from it. It’s kind of understandable, it took me almost a year to get all the episodes.

I have millions of screencaps waiting to become gifs, I just need energy to make it happen. ^^ Until then…

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